Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Using Celebrities

In his regular column in CBR, Erik Larsen weighs in on using celebrities to help promoting comics. Question is though, are local publishers & creators willing to approach them with the right promotional strategy? Perhaps its time Malaysian comics expand their promos into a broader spectrum other than print. The drug of choice today is still the idiot box, possibly now and forever. The sensation of visual and audio fed directly to my brain while my body vegetates on a couch is high on the list of civilized modern pleasures.

Personally, I feel that television will still be king, followed by the internet followed by magazines. Newspapers and radio is pretty much dead anyway and who actually eyeballs the promo at the back of your comic?

What do you think?


Perkasa Alam - Satu Kesinambungan said...

Thanks and at last, I managed to log in to The Komik Box. I am downloading the PDF Creator...

azhar said...

yep..i think in malaysia..nowdays..the kids are all to games..anime, EPL, MTV and PS2 and internet..chatting..

komik slowly is not the cool stuff anymore except for manga or anime..

for local komik scene..kena do smthng about it...as fr celebrities..it can help a little..

Tenkoi said...

I agree man. It is time we abandon pirated softwares and turn to Open sources.

Norman said...

In response to azhar:

I think cool is in the marketing. The EPL (naaah),
MTV(mtv malaysia is crap),
Anime(90% swords & panty shots),
video games(this one keeps living because of constant upgrades) & the internet have always been there even in our time. Traditional print media in Malaysia needs to evolve with the times & collaborate with the new. If you keep evolving, you won't drown (I hope).