Friday, January 5, 2007

Writer's Space One

Let's see... you have this idea for a story and you need to get it down fast. There's the pencil and notebook you have at your desk or you can try these:

OpenOffice has been making the rounds so far as one of the contenders to the office suite crown. It has all the familiar components of MSOffice. There is more than enough power in the package for your average home user and good enough for a small office environment. The OO Writer is it's best component and even has good community backing in Malaysia. In fact, PTS has joined in by providing a Malay dictionary component, which is now automatically included within the download. Mind you, OpenOffice is a hefty download (around 93mb) for the bandwidth poor. But there is another alternative:

Abiword is a blazingly fast word processor with strong support and constant updates. The program is only a 5mb download and perfect for any novelist and script writer alike.

Now let's get you a tool for organizing your project time line. Yes, I believe that unless you actually set a deadline for yourself, you wouldn't even get to starting! GanttProject is one alternative application to organize your projects. Try it out and see if you like it.

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