Monday, July 30, 2007


A friend left this on my desk one fine evening. From a cursory glance, Sequen appears to be in the vein of Fantasi, complete with articles and comics.

I'll get to it when I finally have some things sorted out.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Eden Factor

You know I went to several book stands, and since I can't get the second issue yet I'll just go ahead with the first. This is another KLP comic book out there trying to blaze a trail for the modern Malaysian comic scene. I admit I bought this issue totally because I'm a fan of Kromosom, and just like back in the 90's when I was shallow enough to buy YoungBlood, I'm somewhat disappointed.

The plot involves a team of four, young cyborg women and their mannish makcik, known as The Pack. Together they're a part of the rebellion against the diabolical mechanations of the Megatech Corporation... IN THE FUTURE. We have all the standard superspy team components here:

Alya: Leader, gun expert with a tendency for self narration. Like Deadpool, only not funny.
Jade: Mostly silent, resident martial arts expert with a droll sense of humor.
Nell: Bossy explosives expert.
Alex: (not on the cover) Computer & communications wizard. Baby of the group. Cosplayer.

In this premier issue, the girls go on a vague mission. I don't know what exactly they're trying to do other than the bit where they're going to retrieve some information. The writer seems to care more about Alya's ramblings about her team mates than actually letting the art do that. Honestly, economy with your words is key in comics. Leave the self-insertion and huge text boxes to deviantart manga dweebs.

The art is uneven throughout, most of Kromosom's usual stunning polish is dimmed by bad inking. Lots of action and sniping guards. Other than that, Eden looks to serve you a standard action fare. Just like Fetus in Fetu, it has an overall promising story line (I simplified it in here for review purposes). Hopefully Lulu's writing improves along with the artwork next issue.

Good: Lots of action, snappy dialog. Nubile women in tight bodysuits.

Bad: Rushed intro and art. Huge narration boxes that don't actually help the plot.

Overall: Okay action title with a lukewarm start. I'll be watching.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Sadhu

I picked this up today along with some other titles.

I got to say the story is going pretty well and told at a much more even pace than most action titles. I liked the art so far even though the action is bland in some panels. I don't care for the crappy banner ruining the cover there and I don't know if I want to see Nicholas Cage in another superhero role. Face it, Ghostrider sucked huge donkey balls. Uh, where was I?

The story revolves around James Jensen, a British officer in India. While charged in suppressing the natives like a proper imperial soldier, he began to have an awesome streak of 'Bad Day Syndrome'. All this villainy comes in the form of the malevolent, mustachioed menace of colonel Timothy Townsend, his superior officer.

Delightful bastard isn't he? When James refused an order to execute a native soldier, the colonel decides to have James beaten to a pulp while he kills the man's wife. Such classic movie villainy!

Our tragic hero then escapes and meets Dada, who decides that James is indeed someone he's been looking for...
Like I said, the art in this comic is pretty good. So what do I think? Good enough to keep reading? Let's see:

Good: Nice art with an attempt to "logically" explain magical superpowers that the Sadhu wields. Some very cool moments mostly involving Dada being cool.

Bad: Some action scenes are quite bland or downright unexciting. This may be due to my recent binge of Marvel books.

Overall: Interesting so far, and is much cheaper than a KLP comic. I'll keep it in my pull list.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I guess I'm back in full capacity. I apologize for the looooong gap between March and July, including the gap at The Fortress Lab. I also apologize for the angry tone I have taken with some people who didn't really deserve it.

I had to climb up a deep well. A deep red well.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Review : Fetus in Fetu

Yeah, yeah I've been gone for a while. I didn't feel like saying anything then. Anyway, let's start with something new. This comic has been out for some time but I have yet to see a review. So I thought, " Why don't I buy one and give a crappy review of it myself?"

Let's start with the bombastically named Fetus in Fetu. As you guessed, it's about a fetus thing killing people with the police hot on his trail! Let's see, issue #1's got a shiny KLP cover with quality printing and has that charming sludge-from-the-drain color scheme the we of the Quake generation have come to love! The characters on the cover look bored with each other and the use of a photo backdrop annoys me greatly. Then there's the title! The text is barely readable and that photoshop effect really ruins it.

The story starts out fine enough, some guy gets killed by something that walks on the ceiling. An old detective is on the scene as he mumbles his way in a whimsy. He also talks to himself a lot. I realize this is a way for the writer to give as much information about the character per book, but come on! Look here:

Was that really necessary? You could have told his background story in smaller bits, decompress it through several issues! The only character who can pull off long text like this was classic Starman. I can't say anything about the rest of the cast since there's still very little development but hey, it's still the first issue!

The plot: FIF is a detective story laced with supernatural elements. Yes, of course there's some sort of psycho-monster running around with a knife! It's on the cover! The gritty artwork done by Ajif and Sup lends to Roy's script well though somewhat bland in many panels. Instead of details, much of the characters and background looked too dark with muted colors.

Good: Promising murder mystery plot and interestingly odd art.

Bad: Art is too bland most of the time. Colors are too watery. Too much internal and very stilted dialog.

Overall: I feel the story has promise and I hope it starts to pick up in later issues. Hopefully they'll cut down on the long internal dialog stuff and more action.