Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Review : Fetus in Fetu

Yeah, yeah I've been gone for a while. I didn't feel like saying anything then. Anyway, let's start with something new. This comic has been out for some time but I have yet to see a review. So I thought, " Why don't I buy one and give a crappy review of it myself?"

Let's start with the bombastically named Fetus in Fetu. As you guessed, it's about a fetus thing killing people with the police hot on his trail! Let's see, issue #1's got a shiny KLP cover with quality printing and has that charming sludge-from-the-drain color scheme the we of the Quake generation have come to love! The characters on the cover look bored with each other and the use of a photo backdrop annoys me greatly. Then there's the title! The text is barely readable and that photoshop effect really ruins it.

The story starts out fine enough, some guy gets killed by something that walks on the ceiling. An old detective is on the scene as he mumbles his way in a whimsy. He also talks to himself a lot. I realize this is a way for the writer to give as much information about the character per book, but come on! Look here:

Was that really necessary? You could have told his background story in smaller bits, decompress it through several issues! The only character who can pull off long text like this was classic Starman. I can't say anything about the rest of the cast since there's still very little development but hey, it's still the first issue!

The plot: FIF is a detective story laced with supernatural elements. Yes, of course there's some sort of psycho-monster running around with a knife! It's on the cover! The gritty artwork done by Ajif and Sup lends to Roy's script well though somewhat bland in many panels. Instead of details, much of the characters and background looked too dark with muted colors.

Good: Promising murder mystery plot and interestingly odd art.

Bad: Art is too bland most of the time. Colors are too watery. Too much internal and very stilted dialog.

Overall: I feel the story has promise and I hope it starts to pick up in later issues. Hopefully they'll cut down on the long internal dialog stuff and more action.


azhar said...

fetus in fetu... i dunno where i put that copy..dem it..

hav to buy a new one..

my comment: too much text

MF Ajif said...

thanx for FIF review's in ur blog.