Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Sadhu

I picked this up today along with some other titles.

I got to say the story is going pretty well and told at a much more even pace than most action titles. I liked the art so far even though the action is bland in some panels. I don't care for the crappy banner ruining the cover there and I don't know if I want to see Nicholas Cage in another superhero role. Face it, Ghostrider sucked huge donkey balls. Uh, where was I?

The story revolves around James Jensen, a British officer in India. While charged in suppressing the natives like a proper imperial soldier, he began to have an awesome streak of 'Bad Day Syndrome'. All this villainy comes in the form of the malevolent, mustachioed menace of colonel Timothy Townsend, his superior officer.

Delightful bastard isn't he? When James refused an order to execute a native soldier, the colonel decides to have James beaten to a pulp while he kills the man's wife. Such classic movie villainy!

Our tragic hero then escapes and meets Dada, who decides that James is indeed someone he's been looking for...
Like I said, the art in this comic is pretty good. So what do I think? Good enough to keep reading? Let's see:

Good: Nice art with an attempt to "logically" explain magical superpowers that the Sadhu wields. Some very cool moments mostly involving Dada being cool.

Bad: Some action scenes are quite bland or downright unexciting. This may be due to my recent binge of Marvel books.

Overall: Interesting so far, and is much cheaper than a KLP comic. I'll keep it in my pull list.


azhar said...


from the review..

it looks interesting..

yup...cheaper than KLP coz the size is smaller tahn standard comic size..

but who cares right..

we buy comics for the story and art..

Norman said...

Damn straight.

Kalamtimur said...

Last night, I bought the 2nd issue of the KLP comic, i.e. Fetus in Fetu.

I took Devi too, but at last I returned it to the bookshelf. I've longed to collect the second issue of the KLP comics.

Good reviews.

Norman said...

Too bad you didn't take Devi, its my favorite of the lot so far. The art is excellent and the story intriguing.

Kalamtimur said...

I collected Dewi, Sadhu and the Snake Women issue 1 and 2 already. Of course lah, I'll take the third issues cos my fulusmania masa tu hanya ada beberapa bucks. hahaha