Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cari cari cari

Tengah mengumpul reviu-reviu geng kedai komik. Nanti kita tempek kat sini macam biasa...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Review Rail 03 : I cast resurrect!

Hey, there! It's back again, so here's our resident reviewers recommended pull list.


Thought we'd pimp some neglected titles we had in the store. Come on now, the Big Two aren't the only game in town!

The Walking Dead by Writer: Robert Kirkman and Artist: Tony Moore

Better than watching survivor.

"Oh, greeaaat. More zombies, pffft.", I hear the jaded ones groan but I got to say this is one of the best zombies stories I've read. Seriously, follow this title if you haven't already. The way the story folds makes you want to know what happens next. Kirkman has created a believable world where the dead have risen to feast on the living, but has concentrated more on the human dynamic of survival in the face of approaching extinction. It certainly doesn't hurt Kirkman's story to have an artist as fine as Tony Moore bringing his vision to life. The black & white panels, the shadings, the crispness of the art---all of it is gorgeous, helping to accentuate the horror, but also to highlight the brutal beauty of a world gone feral. The zombies are hungry... Brains.....

Neozoic by Writer: Paul Ens Artist: J. Korim

The cover is okay, I guess.

An alternate future where dinosaurs roams the earth. The story is engaging, the artwork is beautifully unique. In Neozoic we follow the adventures of Lili, a member of the Predator Defense League, who has inadvisedly taken a Talpidic child (a race of reptilian/human hybrids) into the protection of the walled city of Monanti.
Interiors look nice though.

Trade Paperback version is available for pre-ordering collecting #1-#8.

Spawn Book Of The Dead Hc by Writer: David Hine Artist: Ashley Wood, Geirrod Van Dyke

I can haz a hardcover?

The highly anticipated Spawn: Book of the Dead is the ultimate guide for any Spawn fan. At long last, the unholy legend can be told! Secrets revealed! In-depth character backgrounds! Hellishly brilliant character art! From Malebolgia to Sam and Twitch to the Heap, each character in the Spawn comic mythos is beautifully rendered by renowned artist Ashley Wood and mind blowing new comer Geirrod Van Dyke. The secret history of the Hellspawn is finally divulged with comprehensive text by Spawn writer David Hine. This is it!

Sam & Max Surfin' The Highway by Writer: Steve Purcell Artist: Steve Purcell

This tome... she is beautiful!

Pirates are always fun. Well, for them at least.

Before spawning a television series and a smatter of adventure games, Steve Purcell's 6-foot-tall talking dog detective, Sam, and his "hyperkinetic rabbity thing" sidekick, Max, were having offbeat adventures in the comic realm. Funny as heck, makes you laugh even when your not reading it. Highly recommended.

See you at the store!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009